Friday, December 28, 2012

Closing Time...


Let me give you the history...

June:  We moved to Kansas City.  We decided to live with my sister-in-law and hopefully buy/close on a house within a month...

August:  2.5 months later.  No home.  No offers made.  So we move into an apartment to get out of their space.  Still constantly looking for a house. 

September:  I found a home!  Called the day it was posted but wasn't able to look at it because it was a short sale.  After two weeks of trying to set up an appointment to look at the house we were able to get in and it was a disaster.  The home was disgusting, smelly, messy, rooms without floors, ceilings with holes, windows cracked...and we fell in love with it!  Jonathan and I have have always loved the idea of buying an old home and then gutting it but with our budget that was highly unlikely of it happening.  Until this home.  We got in the house.  Offered on the house (in addition to other offers).  And our offer was accepted!  Due to it being a short sale we knew it could take a while.  

October:  Waiting...(patiently)

November:  Waiting...(not so patiently)

December:  After lots of paperwork, phone calls, good news and bad news, annoying our realtor like crazy...three months later we closed on our first home!  Thanks to our realtor, Jason Allwood, we are now getting to do what we always hoped to do!

Follow along and watch our house become our home!

Here are the pictures from the listing.

I will do my best to post a lot of the progress because everything will be changing!


(Walk to front door)

( floors! ha)

(Living room...lovely shelving, huh?)

(Standing in the living room looking at the dining room (left), hallway (straight), front door entry (right))

(This is what they called the 4th bedroom/office)


(Upstairs attic/master)

(Upstairs attic/master bathroom...again, no floor)

(Back of home...don't worry, it will look completely different come spring)

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